Master Album Series

Performance of 78 rpm records reproduced by a gramophone is short, and it takes much time to change 78 rpm records and needles when listening to many plays. It might be one of the pleasures for listeners, but isn't it painful the great sound sources full of the ambience is getting worn every time you listen the performances?

Isn't it great if you can get easier way to enjoy the historic music with gramophone and 78 rpm record?

In Audiokobo, 78 rpm record of historic performance is reproduced with UK EMI-made gramophone HMV#194, and recorded with professional microphone AKG C414XLI and RME Fireface UCX, UFX to create 24 bits 192 KHz wave format high resolution sound, that is, high quality digital sound source album to enjoy easily classic music which can be said sound source heritage. As the precious historic performance stored in Audiokobo's SD card can be re-arranged by yourself after you purchase, you can combine your favorite plays to enjoy long time performance. In addition to 3 pieces listed here, we already have a system to provide recording to order. It is also our pleasure if you consider other pieces you want and inquire about them. 


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